We provide reliable and professional legal translation services for all languages and document types. The translation will always be performed by highly skilled and experienced legal translators working exclusively into their native language and within their areas of expertise.

We offer a comprehensive legal translation service, specially designed for legal and commercial use and for official submission to organisations such as courts, The Home Office, embassies, banks, businesses, universities and many other organisations.

We translate all types of legal, official, personal, immigration related and business documents. Our legal translation service covers everything from one page documents to large documents, such as commercial contracts, policies and proposals. All documents will be treated as confidential.



Technical translations require not only a skilled linguist, but a translator with an industry-specific technical background. Computer software, industrial manuals, medical text, and a variety of other specialized documents fall within this category. Many of our linguists combine a career skill or industry knowledge with native knowledge of the target language.

Technical materials are used in virtually every industry to instruct, advise, educate, sell and communicate. Complete Translations’ Technical Translation services can help you reach target audiences around the world through translation of technical materials including:

  • documentation and online help
  • instruction and training materials
  • technical marketing materials
  • engineering scientific or industrial documents
  • more