We provide interpreting services suited for various purposes and scenrios, such as consecutive for face to face meetings, conference or liason interpreting services.

Consecutive is the most frequently required interpreting service which is predominantly used in face to face meetings where a small number of participants are involved. The interpreter listens to the speaker for several minutes whilst taking notes if necessary. Then they interprete the statements into the other language. The idea behind consecutive interpreting is to maintin conversation-like flow in the communication process, allowing enough time for each participant to speak freely.

Simultaneous interpretation is when the linguist interprets at the ame time time as the main speaker speaks without interruption or interference with the audience. This type of interpretation is mainly applied in larger meetings, conferences and sometimes during court hearings. The interpreter is located in a soundproof booth and the interpretation is provided by speaking into a microphone whilst the audience listens through headsets. Simultaneous interpreters will often work in pairs taking turns every 25 to 30 minutes or so as this mode of interpretation can be very intensive.

The conference mode of interpreting is when a larger meeting or conference takes place and either simultaneous or consecutive techniques can be used in this scenario.  The purpose of conference interpreting is for the conference to procede smoothly. There are various types of setups in which conferences are held. Some are held in smaller groups whilst others can be much larger.

Liaison is a type of consecutive interpreting which is a more informal and personal. It is used mostly for small groups, meetings or one-on-one interviews. It is also suitable when the interpreter serves as a chaperone, for example during a visit to a foreign country.

If you require an interpreter, please let us know and we will make the arrangements for you. Altough our lingusits are normally avaiable at short notice, please inform us as soon as possible to ensure we can meet your needs.

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